Fall: The Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal…Here’s Why

As the warm weather begins to return in the spring, people begin thinking about the beach and using their swimwear. Many will be considering laser hair removal as an easy way to get rid of unwanted hair before it’s time for the big reveal.

But spring isn’t the time they should be doing that. Fall is the best time to get to work on unwanted hair, and here’s why.

Ideal Timing.

The cool weather of the fall and winter present ideal conditions for laser hair removal. For one thing, you’re all covered up, so there’s very little opportunity for the sun to interfere with the treatment. Laser hair removal requires that you stay out of the sun, so fall is the perfect time to get started.

Also, the time for that swimsuit is still a long way off. It’s tucked away in a drawer somewhere for the cool seasons. That means you have plenty of time to receive the full effect of laser hair removal treatments. Ideal!

Fall and winter clothes are your friends.

Because you’re all covered up, the temporary hair re-growth which occurs during the laser hair removal process isn’t a problem. No one – save your nearest and dearest – is going to have the slightest suspicion that that patchy re-growth is hidden under your snuggly cool-weather clothes.

Perfect timing.

Starting laser hair removal in the Fall epitomizes perfect timing. If you’ve had this treatment before, Fall and Winter are still the best time for touch-ups – all the reasons stated above still apply.

The gift of time also applies if you are considering additional areas for laser hair removal treatment, to keep yourself silky smooth all over.

While it’s a long-term solution with lasting results, laser hair removal sometimes requires touch-ups. Having it done in the Fall is excellent timing to be ready for the moment when summer dresses, shorts, and swimsuits come out of the closet for the season of fun in the sun.

Laser hair removal, done right.

It’s clear why fall is the best time to start laser hair removal. There are so many advantages to thinking ahead.  As soon as the warm weather is back, you’ll be confident knowing you are well ahead of the curve, while others will be panicking – wondering if they’ve missed the boat.

At Ethos Wellness Center, our professionally trained technicians offer the most advanced laser hair removal technology available. They consult with you to jointly determine the scope and duration of your treatment program, and they help you select the right type of laser hair removal technology that is the best fit for you.

Now is the time to get in touch with Ethos about laser hair removal. We’re a doctor-directed aesthetics spa who offers only the latest-and-greatest treatments. Book now and receive 15% off your first treatment!

Fall is the time to plan ahead for next year’s big swimsuit reveal and silky, smooth skin with laser hair removal, practiced in a relaxing spa environment, where you’ll be totally pampered.
At Ethos Spa, we believe everyone should feel incredible and look amazing. Contact us today. Let’s get started on your journey toward smooth, summer-ready skin.

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