Are energy shots, stimulant pills, sugar and heavily caffeinated drinks the only ways to get through your busy, hectic schedule?

    Quick & unhealthy fixes last only a few hours with a stimulated, rapid rush and subsequent crash. Time to make a change!

    Vitamin and Nutrient Booster Shots take only a few minutes to administer and provide sustained wellness and healthy energy for days.


    A deep-red crystalline, water-soluble solid C63 H88 N14 O14 PCo, obtained from liver, milk, eggs, fish and seafood. It converts carbohydrates into glucose in your body, thus leading to energy production and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy.

    Increases Energy Levels & Stamina | Decreases Fatigue & Stress | Augments Red Blood Cell Production | Helps Regulate Sleep, Mood and Appetite Cycles | Boosts Immune System | Promotes Healthy Nervous System


    Coenzyme Q10 – A naturally occurring, fat-soluble, vitamin-like enzyme found in a variety of foods and synthesized in the body.

    Produces Energy for Cell Growth and Maintenance | Protects Your Body From Harmful Toxins | Promotes Anti-Aging | Maintains Cardiovascular (Heart & Blood Pressure) Health | Detoxifies Body


    Glutathione - A crystalline, water-soluble peptide (protein) of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine found in blood and tissues. Critical in tissue oxidations and in the activation of enzymes. Glutathione is the body’s strongest antioxidant that helps to fight diseases, especially those associated with aging. As we age, our body produces less natural glutathione and it’s not absorbed well when taken via oral supplementation. Direct injection is the optimal way to achieve long term anti-aging results.

    Prevents and Reverses The Effects Of Free Radicals | Rejuvenates Skin | Cleanses Liver from Toxins | Anti-Aging Benefits | Skin, Hair and Nail Health